06 December, 2017

The 31st International Cloisonné Jewelry Contest - 2018

:   International enamel jewelry contest
Deadline Final:   February 2,  2018

The Japan Shippo Conference, NPO. Juried Exhibition "will be held at the Ueno Royal MuseumTokyoJAPAN,   from April 8th to 14th, 2018.

Each artist can submit up to five entries without entry fee.
Any type of enamel jewelrynot just cloisonné, is eligible.

*** Deadline Final is February 2, 2018 :  Entry works should arrive to the organizer.
( and then, Selection from the actual pieces will take place during March. )

For additional information, Regulations and Entry form in English, you can find on the website the Japan Shippo Conference.
*** If you would like to participate in the contest, please contact organizer Ms. Yohko Yoshimura - c/o The Japan Shippo Conference.    ( For the email address, Please refer to the entry form. )

Best Wishes to all of you-!     

Photo : was taken at the entrance of the museum- the Juried exhibition in 2016.
Sorry, no photos were allowed inside-!

Bando di concorso :
Concorso Internazionale di Gioielli Smaltati a fuoco    
Scadenza :  2 febbraio 2018

" The Japan Shippo Conference, NPO. Juried Exhibition" si terrà presso The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo, Giappone,  dal  8 al 14 aprile 2018.

Sono ammessi qualsiasi tipo di gioielli smaltati a Fuoco.

*** 2 febbraio 2018  Scadenza per l'arrivo delle opere presso l'organizzatore.

Per ulteriore informazioni, Regolamento e Modulo di iscrizione in inglese, si possono trovare su sito di The Japan Shippo Conference.
*** Per iscriversi per concorso, dovreste contattare direttamente la organizzatrice The Japan Shippo Conference - Ms. Yohko Yoshimura.

Buon lavoro e Buon divertimento a tutti-!

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