26 October, 2018

My work featured in the Collection Pan-Arab Luxury Magazine : Autumn 2018

Thank you Collection Pan-Arab Luxury Magazine for featuring my enamel works-! 

What a honor to have a full-page feature article alongside master enamellers, on one of the top magazine in the Arab world-! 

Photo : Cover page of the magazine 
Autumn 2018  Issue 77

My enamel works :  Pendant Necklace, and Clock 
***  on Page 124 and 125  **  Total 2 pages

Please check their official website to read the whole articles " The Fire of Enamel " page 116-125 too. 

In this issue, the magazine focused on " Enamel Jewelry and Watch making ".
In the next issue ( Winter ), there will be articles about " Enamel Decorative Arts ".

le mie opere su Collection Pan-Arab Luxury Magazine

Grazie sono molto felice di vedere i miei lavori pubblicati su una delle riviste piĆ¹ importanti del mondo Arabo-! 


13 October, 2018

International Exhibition C.K.I.Italy. 2018 _ at the new Enamel Museum

I've been participating in the International enamel exhibition,
" Expo C.K.I. Italia 2018 " - at the new Enamel Museum in Ponte San Pietro city , (Bergamo), Italy.

The exhibition extended - until October 28th.
Come and visit -! 

** Opening hours :
Only open on Saturdays and Sundays 
 :  Saturday:  14:30 - 17:30
    Sunday:    10:00 - 12:00   and  14:30 - 17:30 

** Free entrance

** For more information : Creativ Kreis International Italy, International enamel artist association

Total of 111 exhibitors = 78 foreigners from 19 countries + and 33 Italian.
So many interesting artworks there-! 

I attended the opening ceremony a week ago.  More pictures coming soon-!
Thank you so much to all visitors, exhibitors and organizers-!

Mostra Internazionale di Smalto a fuoco
“ Expo C.K.I. Italia 2018 “
Prorogata fino al 28 ottobre  

Sono presente con i miei lavori alla mostra-! 

** ingresso libero

** Per ulteriore informazioni :   Creativ Kreis International Italia, Associazione di artisti dello Smalto a fuoco.

Partecipano artisti da diversi paesi del mondo : 19 nazioni con 78 artisti + artisti italiani, 
totale 111 espositori. 
Tantissime opere molto interessanti -!!!